Caramel Hazelnut Ice Blended

Firstly, they launched some ginger latte drink during Christmas season. Then, within a few weeks later, they itchy-handed and launched another one for god-knows what reason now.

So, If you’re bored of the typical drinks you always had in Coffee Bean, you could gamble your moolah on this new drink. It is called Caramel Hazelnut Ice Blended. There is another drink called Caramel Hazelnut Latte, which obviously is a hot drink. I don’t fancy hot drink, so I opted for this one for a change.

It taste a lil like their Caramel Ice Blended but it lacks of coffee aroma/taste. It is rather strong on the milk and caramel side compare to what it is claimed, Caramel Hazelnut. There is rather faint taste of Hazelnut in it. If you compare to Starbucks, they (the green logo) are rather generous on their essence. But hey, I still like it as they use real caramel sauce unlike Starbucks, who use essence instead (it doesn’t taste as rich as thick caramel sauce).

Overall, if you like to try something new, go ahead and get this. It can’t get any worse. Otherwise, stick to whatever you normally order from Coffee Bean. I like their Ultimate Ice Blended. It is lovely..


  1. I seldom drink latte one.. If I have no choice and got to have a drink with friends at starbucks or coffee beans I will only choose caramel

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