Gift For Me

I received a gift from my colleague, Boon. I couldn’t describe it thoroughly how it looks like. It looks cheap. It is definitely handmade. And it is so thin.

Flickr Pro

Flickr Pro Activation Code

He knows I’m craving for a Flickr Pro account. He owns one too. So, he decided to purchase one for me out of good will and presented this paperthin gift to me. *happy thoughts*

In return, I logged onto my account in Maybank2U and transferred RM83 to him. Such a good friend of me. Haha.

Alright. Here’s the deal. Flickr is having this promo whereby Pro account holder gets 3 months extra for free if he/she purchases a Flickr Pro gift (activation code) for their spouse, friends, strangers, girlfriend, boyfriends, lesbo, soulmate etc.

So, whoever wanna purchase a Flickr Pro account, please contact me. I’ll buy a ‘gift’ for you but of course, you have to transfer money to me first la. :P

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