Mamak On ‘Recycle’ Plan

Once, my sister said that there’s a mamak nearby my house recycled their straws and to be used as new one. How did she know it? Well, according to her friend, on one (boring) day, they were bored sitting at a mamak stall. So, what they did was they took all the straws from the drinks they ordered and put it side by side. Don’t ask me why they did it as I couldn’t be bothered. Anyway, to their shocking, the straws are at different length from one another though they are of the same type/built/quality/pattern.

As you know, some fellas like to chew/bite their straws while drinking their drinks. Hence, you’ll get out-of-shape at the end/tip of the straw. So, what those fellas (mamak workers) did was they cut the end of the straws so it looks like (perfectly) new again. But of course, it is shorter than the original shorter length. So, you could imagine how filthy the straw is as it is shared among 10s of people (or maybe more).

What a way to save money or perhaps, they are trying to save the environment. Haha. But this happened long time ago. And yeah, the shop is out of business already. Thank god.

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