Missing Time

Ever since plunging myself into working world, I started to miss the things I used to do. Things such as having out with friends, watch movies, my precious sleep, listening to my CD collection and such. Maybe it’s because of my lack of time. Or maybe it’s because that I got so many things to do and yet, there is not much time for each of them. I mean, after a long day at work, all I want to do is to blast my favourite CD while driving back home (it is crawling, actually due to massive traffic at Federal Highway and Old Klang Road) and rest. And over the weekend, I’ll just complete the things I am supposed to complete it last week or so.

Maybe once a while, I’ll hanging out with my friends for dinner and that’s about it. But there are more things to it such as my private time, my precious sleep, my lazyness etc. I want it back. I want it back so badly. And at times, I’ve to turn down invitations and plans (by my friends) just to have a complete rest for myself (and body too). Heck, I don’t even have the time to play my toy (Canon EOS 40D). To me, weekend is just not enough. It is rather short for resting period. Dammit..

Blah.. I’m going to bed now though it is just 11.50 on Saturday night.. Call me boring or whatever, I don’t care. I just wanna sleep..


  1. Well, you could kinda set aside a night for catching up with friends. I know my casual Friday night mamak has become part of my schedule now. :)

  2. further ur fulltime study then..u’ll have plenty time to sleep and bed dragging…hehe. What time u wake up for work daily? Myself 6.15am. ~sigh~

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