Pampered Kids

These days, kids are real pampered. They get things they want so easily. Let it be PSP, Nintendo Wii, mobile phones, branded clothing etc. All they’ve got to do is show some sulky face and walla, a spanking new toy presented right in front of their ‘devilish’ face with bling-bling hanging around their neck And guess what, things get worse as I read the newspaper yesterday saying;

…A few weeks from now, children as young as 12 will be able to swipe a debit card and leave their cash at home.” – Source

WTF?? Now they get hold of debit cards so they would not put much cash in the wallet. *speechless*

I’ve got to admit that I’m slight jealous as those were the days where we’ve got to save hard for the things that we want. We would spend a few bucks a days to get us through the day. Now, I’m not sure how much this ‘new generation’ of kids carry in their pocket. RM100? RM200? Or RM500? Heck, I don’t even carry more than RM50 during my school days last time. As my friend said, ‘Last time mah.. Now different already’. That’s true. Things have changed dramatically. Right just now, I saw a kid holding a DSLR. Yes, you got it right. A young kid which doesn’t look any older than 14 years old holding a Nikon DSLR. A Kid!! DSLR!! WTF?? There’s no such thing as DSLR nor PnS (point-and-shoot) digital camera during my school days. I’ll be awfully happy to own a disposable film camera. Kid me not…

However, giving a debit card to a child below age 18 year old is total suicide. Most of them don’t know the value of money. To them, it is just a digit. A digit to be put as price tag and to be purchased with some paper they called ‘money’. That’s all. Heck, even adults have troubles settling their own outstanding credit card debts. Now, they are dragging the kids along into this ill shithole.

For those who know what money actually is, the high chances are they are the ones who earn a living by working part time job and they don’t need these fancy debit cards to begin with. I don’t know about you guys and girls, but I could foresee more troubles heading at a faster rate.

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