Pork Ball Noodles At Jalan Imbi, KL

IF you are so happened to in/along Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, do drop by at a coffeeshop named Weng Hing. This corner coffeeshop is situated along Sakura restaurant and directly opposite of Kiosk shop. In there, there’s a stall that serve one of the best (probably the best) pork ball noodles in KL.

Pork Ball Noodles

Pork Balls

It is all about their pork balls as well as their minced pork. I can’t describe it thoroughly as you have to taste it for yourself. I’ve heard that they make their own pork balls daily (or maybe not) but that only words through mouth and so, I couldn’t guarantee about it. Do beware that the shop is packed with human beings on the weekends as well as in the morning rush hour. So, the best time to pay them a visit is at around 10am weekdays or 7.30am weekends. That’s the time when human beings are either busy working or busy sleeping.

And also, do note that the coffeeshop is kinda stuffy and warm. There are limited seats (around 10 tables) and the surrounding is not that shiny clean, if you know what I mean. A small serving will cost you RM5 (I think) and the big serving will settle at RM6 or RM7. In the same coffeeshop, there are typical Malaysian foods besides this Pork Ball Noodles. For e.g., wantan noodles, fishball noodles, char kuey teow, chicken rice etc. There is also a stall selling Seremban Siew Pau. Usually, I buy their mini egg tarts which is their hot selling item.

And yes, I couldn’t comment on other foods as I will go for the pork ball noodles only whenever I am there, that’s if I get the chance to be there.


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