A ‘Memory’ Day

I always felt the slowness in my old laptop. It is slow when I launch Adobe Lightroom. It is slow when I am playing Football Manager 2008 while listening to iTunes. It is slow when I am surfing using Firefox while playing Football Manager 2008. Practically, it is so slow that I have the time to do non-computer related things while waiting for a program to launch. Well, I couldn’t put a blame on the age of the computer but to curse on the amount of RAM it has in the laptop. It makes me wonder how patience was I running the laptop on 512MB for over 3 years. So, that’s it. Enough is enough. I need more speed!!

So, over the weekend, I decided to splash out some hard earned cash to get 1GB RAM memory for my old laptop from Lowyat Plaza. But having said my main intention of going to Lowyat, carrying extra cash or credit card always spells extra purchases. This is due the fact that things seem relatively cheaper especially memory cards.

Memory Cards

Memory cards!! Sorry.. No picture of Kingston RAM.

I couldn’t believe it when I was told that SanDisk 8GB microSDHC only cost RM205. It is even cheaper than my Kingston 1GB DDR333 RAM which cost about RM269. So, I decided to splash more cash to purchase that microSDHC.

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC

Then, my mum wanted a thumbdrive for her own use. Hence, I got a SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Micro for her which cost RM65. I chose this one because it does not have cap and hence, less hassle.

SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Micro

SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Micro

Once the momentum is there (or such I say temptation), I casually asked the price for SanDisk 4GB Extreme III CompactFlash card for my digital camera. The salesman quoted RM269 for it. Damn.. I was so tempted to get it but come to think about it, what’s the point of getting another CF card when I could not even fill up my 2GB CompactFlash during photo shooting. I am not shooting RAW format (not yet) nor my files are high quality format. So, I scraped that plan and put it back into my ‘wishlist’ again.

After making my payment and everything, I left the building without looking back as I know I will spend more and more if I stay in there longer.


Total damage done : RM533 + RM10 (surcharge for credit card)

There goes my ang pow money :(


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