Chin Swee Temple

Last weekend, my friend and I went to Chin Swee Temple at Genting Highland for a short photo shoot outing. One of the main attraction is the huge buddha which could be found in there.


We left from our place at about 9.35am and reached at the temple around 10.45am. The journey was not supposed to take that long but there is slight traffic along the way up there and not to forget the fatass (Hyundai Sonata 2.0L) car that I drove for this trip. We literally moved at a slower pace. Even Proton Sawi Savvy goes up faster than the fatass car does.

It was rather cold at first because we wore short pants. But that feeling only lasted for half and hour or so as the sun began to shine. We walked around and started to whip out our DSLR to begin shooting each and everything we see. We looked rather weird as we wore short pants and holding DSLR while tourists were wearing wind breakers, long pants and holding PnS. But that didn’t hinder us from our main objective of that day. My friend and I tried shooting HDR pictures. I gotta say, it looks absolute great with HDR compare to normal pictures. However, you got to know when and how to shoot in order to get a perfect image. More info on HDR.

Temple and Pagoda

One of my HDR shots is shown above. The colours look rather ‘fuller’and more vibrant. However, it is rather disappointing as almost 60% of my HDR attempts failed miserably. Only a few shots passed the test. Overall, it was rather fruitful trip as I get to try my hands on HDR. Moreover, I really need the cool air up there as it is rather hot weather in Kuala Lumpur lately. Besides, having such trip relaxes my mind and body.

More photos in my flickr

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