Pop Shuvit - Freakshow

Pop Shuvit – Freakshow (Vol 1 : Tales of the Travelling Tunes)

I’ve been listening to this album, by Pop Shuvit, day in day out for the past 2~3 weeks. It is pretty refreshing from one of Malaysia’s top English act. I’m not sure what genre it falls under but it sounds a lil like Linkin Park minus Chester Bennington’s singing and angst emotion. Moots (the lead singer) handled the rapping (in English and Bahasa Malaysia) area pretty good while the rest of the group just blended the music together flawlessly.

This album consists of 13 songs. Not all of them are in English. There are a few Malay songs and Spanish in there. A few songs you might heard of over the radio, i.e. Freakshow (collaborated with Silk Sound) and Mara Bahaya (Original Soundtrack for Impak Maksima). But there are more songs from the album that you should listen to. They took the effort to collaborate with international artists such as Nitro Y Fanta, Dabo, DJ Cheapshot etc. to explore a wider range of music. Upon hearing Rockera (one of my favourite track), it is amazing to hear that reggaeton mixed with rock so well under their arrangement. At end of the day, they had made the right choice as collaboration with these artists makes the album richer with different approach.

Overall, it is one of the best Malaysian album I have ever purchased. It is all about the rapping, collaboration, the rythmic guitars and arrangement. They all performed so well that truly reflects on their talent in music industry. No doubt, this is gonna one of the best and well produced by a Malaysian band.

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