Rat-atouille Said ‘Hi’

It all happened at Sushi Zanmai in The Gardens, Mid Valley Megamall. We (my uncle, auntie and me) had our lunch there. We sat at a table right next to the conveyor belt helping ourselves with the foods served by them. My auntie felt weird something was crawling all over her legs. She had a peek and shocked to see ‘Remy’ (from Ratatouille) waving her while running towards my legs. It is as big as my Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM lens. She complained and made a ruckus about it at the table we were sitting. Then, she complained to the waiter about ‘Remy’ being unfriendly. All the waiter did was showed some hand signs telling us to calm down and he will settle it as soon as possible. We (well, actually it is my auntie only) still made a lot of noise and I’m not sure whether other customers overheard our complaints or not.


This looks way cuter than the one we saw

A few minutes later, the same waiter asked us to shift to another table. I was like “WTF??!!” in my mind. It does not make any difference if we shift to another table because the fucking rat is still in the premise. We decided to stay at the same table and made a quick munch on our food whilst looking at the bottom of the table to ensure that ‘Remy’ was not around.

Speaking of year of the rat, we were so ‘lucky’ to be visited by the ‘icon’ of the year. To show how ‘lucky’ we were, we even received a free complementary waffle ice cream. In other words, that waffle ice cream is to shove down our throats so we would shut the hell up and leave the premise without making any ruckus.

To make matter worse, they do not have salmon meat on that very same day!! WTF?!! KNNCB!! How could a Japanese restaurant in a ‘so-so’ posh shopping mall not have salmon meat in their menu. How dare they open for business without any salmon meat? Salmon meat is the most important ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It is like serving a bowl of prawn noodles with the prawns or fried kuay teow without the noodles.

I’m not sure whether I would go back there judging by the way they handle situation like this. Maybe I should try another Japanese restaurant, Yuzu, located right outside of Isetan in The Gardens, Mid Valley Megamall.


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