Could You Please Do Me A Favour?

Ever wonder what to say when you needed help from somebody? Are you shy of asking for something because you are afraid they will brush you aside? Be not afraid as there is a sentence which is so simple to use yet effective to be used by anybody.

Could you please do me a favour?

By far, this is one of the best and politest way to ask for help from a colleague/friend/strangers/relatives/parents/siblings and etc. Regardless whether you use it at home, in the office or outside, it shows that you are polite and respectful when you are asking for help from somebody you may or may not know at all.

Besides, I reckon that 80% of those you asked might offer their help though they are busy meddling something else. I know I will.

So, instead of being bossy by telling or instructing them to do something, it is better for you to mention this 7-letter magical sentence with a smile, even the receiving end is your most hated enemy.

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