Dimwits Marketing Strategy

*beep* 1 New Message….


Upon reading this SMS, I’m stunned. Annoyed. Cursing. I don’t need money. I’m not desperate for money. And yet, I got this arse SMS from some effing dimwit about ‘a service’ he/she is providing. How did they get my number in the first place? Who the f**k gave my number to them? Is this Ah Long’s new way of enticing new customers? How long do we have to endure trash like this?

fyi, ah long = illegal money lender


  1. hell..i received this twice!!
    Thought i’m the only “lucky” person to get this text. What annoying me most is I received it during my deep sleep in the 4am!! …
    I really curse it like hell, couldnt tolerate on the 2nd time @#$%##@#$%#$

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