Some Bugger Stole My iPod

Here’s the story;

I left my black iPod Nano (2nd Generation) in my mum’s car on Friday night hoping that nothing will be wrong since it was safe from sight. I left it at the side driver compartment situated at the door. Little did I know that my mum was sending the car for service the very next morning at Toyota Service Centre in Subang Jaya. Neither did I nor my mum realise that my iPod Nano was still in the car because it is black and ‘stealthy’ out of sight, the service advisor did not notice it too. All he (or she) knew was a Touch n Go card in the arm rest compartment. After service and all, the car was sent for a wash and vacuum as part of their package for free. And probably that was when some fucking bugger stole my iPod.

It’s probably too late now since I only got to know the lost just now because I was going to charge it for tomorrow usage.



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