bookmark_borderA Much Needed Break…

Needed a holiday badly. Needed time to be away from KL’s hectic, political and at times, annoying lifestyle. Hence, I’ll be in Singapore during Labour Day till the weekends.

It will be my short sabbatical/holiday. It will be the time for me to think thoroughly of much needed attentions. These sudden attentions have been bugging me horribly and disturbing my sleep endlessly.

bookmark_borderPlease Stop At Zebra Crossing!!

In Europe and/or probably elsewhere, it is a must for drivers to stop at zebra crossing in order to let pedestrians cross the road. While I was in Austria for holidays, I was told by my friend that you will be caught and given a penalty if you disobey the rule. And they really mean it unlike our authorities in Malaysia.

Sadly, this is not the case in Malaysia. Most of Malaysian drivers do not stop (or even slow down!!) at zebra crossing. Regardless whether there are pedestrians or not, these drivers tend to drive pass zebra crossing without giving priority to the pedestrians. In Malaysia, you could only cross the road if there is no cars or motorcycles nearby or if there is traffic lights (for pedestrians). Either that or you are up for 50 meter sprint because drivers here are speed devils and they treat pedestrians like moving targets wind…

So, please make an effort to stop when you, the driver, are at pedestrian crossing a.k.a. zebra crossing. Regardless whether it is black and white or yellow and white or yellow and black stripes, they serve a purpose; that is for pedestrians to cross the road safely. If you are being pressured by the cars behind you, show them the International Sign of Language, “ mlm “. At least you are doing a right thing for once.

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