No Portrait Photos In My Site

One asked me why there are no portrait photos in my website or in my Flickr. It is pretty straight forward question which I could answer without any doubt;



1) I find it hard to capture the moment. As they said, ‘a picture worth a thousand words’. It takes time, luck and skills to produce a stunning photo that tells a story. Whether your subject ( a person or a group) is happy, sad or talking, every movement dictates a different way of what they are expressing at that very instant.



2) It is hard to produce portraiture (needs lots of practice and composition). You can’t just shoot your subject there and then. Well, I mean you can do it that way but it will look kinda ordinary at times. You have to know when to take your subject and and which angle. Besides, it is natural that one will look at the camera while you point your camera at them. So, at the end of the day, it really depends how do you want your final photo to be, whether you want your subject looking at camera (conventional style) or when they are happily expressing something without looking at your camera.

3) I find it uncomfortable to post one’s photos online. I read a lot of disasterous stories about having one’s photo being used for a different purpose. Therefore, to be on the safe side, no portrait photos at the moment. There might be some accidental shots but I believe those are out of my control. I can’t just tell them to buzz of from my frame because of one shot. So, until I feel really secured, there will be no human photos in my blog nor in my Flickr. I will only put it upon request from their respective owners.


  1. I used to take all photos landscape but now have switched to take portrait xD

    Simply because my foods’ photos will appear too small if taken landscape..

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