Signs Of Underuse Camera

Signs to indicate you rarely use your DSLR camera:

1) Only charged the battery 2 ~ 3 times since you purchased your camera

2) Shutter count less than 3k after 6 months

3) A layer of dust covers all over the camera body and lens even if you keep them in the cupboard

4) Still reading the manual book (PDF file most of the time)

5) Discovers new buttons after 6 months owning it

6) Still thinks the camera is heavy

7) Amateurish way of detaching off and putting on the lens

8) Default settings still available

9) Using your mobilephone’s built-in camera and/or compact digital camera rather than DSLR

10) Still using 2GB memory card and never had the chance to fill it up completely

11) Have not use RAW format till this point

Unfortunately, this is what happened to me. Either I’m lazy to shoot or do not have the time to shoot.


  1. told u to come photo outing wif me…. :P
    shoot wedding photo la…
    or if u wan… can sell ur 40D to me :P :P

  2. boon : No way.. I’m not going to sell my unit. Invested too much in it already.

    Jason : I took a few RAW shots but didn’t bother to covert it to JPEG nor post processing it. Haha.

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