Charity For The Good

As you may have known, there are various charities lately. Most of them proceed to aiding cause for Myanmar as well as China.

So, please donate what you can. It is thought that counts.

I’ve done my part. What about you?

Note 1 : Damn those Myanmar military junta idiots!! Citizens of Myanmar will know where the aids came from even though those dumbass junta pretended that they are the ones that offered help and distributed supplies!!

Note 2 : At least I know where my money went to this time.

Note 3 : The amount that one donates doesn’t constitute to how rich or poor he/she is. Again, it is thought that counts. Please don’t go “wah.. You rich bastard!! Donate some to me la!!” or “wah.. you kiam siap (English : Stingy) bas3rd!! I see you spend more in tissue papers than this“. I’ll take that as annoyance rather than a joke/compliment.

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