Item That Burns A Hole In The Wallet…

My previous pair of spectacles, Oakley, giving me nothing but trouble. It tends to slide down whenever I sweat profusely. I’ve told my friend that Oakley is all about brand and design. It produces great sunglasses as well as prescription eyewear but it doesn’t take into account of face structure of a person. It looks good but not so good to the user.

Lindberg Casing

Therefore, I’ve decided to get a new pair of glasses. Initially, I was aiming for Ic! Berlin. But, I was introduced to Mykita and Lindberg. Mykita is something similar to Ic! Berlin. In fact, the designer of Mykita is from Ic! Berlin itself. The mechanism at the hinge is almost identical to one another. Moreover, Ic! Berlin or Mykita are more for those who are fashion/trend consciousness.


Having said that, being trendy is not my taste. So, I go for Lindberg instead because of its simplicity in their design. I like the fact that it is so flexible that it could stretch up to 130°. It wows me because it does not have spring at the hinge. It has its own unique design or rather their trademark ‘written’ at the hinge of their product.


Yet, it weighs less than 15 grams (excluding the lens) which I think it is essential for those who often wear spectacles for most of the time. I, for one, wear spectacles for almost the whole day. The only time that I take off my glasses would be when I’m sleeping, bathing and swimming. Therefore, I need something that is light yet heavy duty because I’m sort of person who does not change their stuff frequently (hint : not trend setter nor trend follower). Besides, I believe that spectacles could last longer than electronic gadgets. I replace my lens over and over again for my previous frames. Though it costs an arm and a leg, I’m pretty much satisfied with its weight as well as the design.


  1. Nice specs. Really nice and they look light to me. Didn’t know u took so much effort to get spectacles. I’ve just made mine which look fancy, cost about rm500 but pretty heavy for me after wearing for long. sigh… but it’s alright.

  2. Yeap. Since I wear spectacles most of the time, I’ve to get something lightweight. Unfortunately, the pair that I purchased has slight defects. So, it is still in the optical shop for repair. :(

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