Microsoft Outlook Not So Smart After All…

For those who are using Nokia’s smartphones, the only programs that your mobilephone synchronize with are Microsoft Outlook or Windows Address Book. Now, I’m talking about those who are using Windows operating system. I’m not too sure about Mac users though. And I bet you are synchronizing your contact list, to do list and etc to the Microsoft Outlook instead of the Address Book..

However, I don’t really like the fact that Microsoft Outlook messes up my contact list. And ironically, I, for one, synchronize all my stuffs to Microsoft Outlook. Well, I’m sort of forced to use it or I’ll be in deep pile of shit near future.

For example of a contact name with two mobilephone numbers and two landline numbers. Upon synchronizing it, you could only view one of each categories in Microsoft Outlook. It is annoying because you will face problems in future when you want to synchro back to your phone, if let’s say your mobilephone reset back to factory settings. So, theoretically, you will lose a handful of contact numbers from a single contact name.

The only way to solve this problem, according to my mate, is that you have to put all those numbers in different categories. Sucky, ain’t it. And the worst thing I have heard is that this problem has been longing since the introduction of Symbian OS.

So, does anybody have a better solution??


  1. guess this is the feature for outlook … it screwed up my contact as well. it took me a week to go thru my contact and well, come of unknown fellas’ contact, probably company data was downloaded to my phone as well.

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