Ridiculous Price Increase

As you may have known, the price of noodles have increased not long ago. Noodles like wantan mee, yellow mee, normal mee and etc cost more per kilogram. However, I find it ridiculous for hawker stalls to increase their price of a bowl of noodles insanely. Now, I’m paying 50 cents more for a simple bowl of noodle in Kuala Lumpur. They are slitting our, the consumers, throats badly.

Come on, an increase of 50 cents per bowl is way too much. I don’t mind if they increase by 30 cents or so. They used to do that last year or so, but why couldn’t they do it again. 50 cents means alot to some of us!! If the hawkers are charging 50 cents more for each and every bowl, they are earning more, indirectly after covering their cost.

This is ridiculous!!


  1. The price of noodles hasn’t increase that much over here in my small town but then again, if they do, I guess no one will eat there anymore.

  2. They might lose some business initially, but after sometime, customers will go back to their stall for food.

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