Tag? Tagged?

Arrghh!!! I’ve been tagged by Renee.

1) I don’t support any football team.
Yes, you got it wrong all these while!! Though I watch football almost every weekend, and Machester United matches most of the time, I do not support the team. I just love to watch the way they play, their fast counter attacking and free flow scoring tactics. But I also like to watch Arsenal’s matches. Their one touch football as well as ball control makes me awe. BTW, I support BMW Sauber F1 team. Their ‘viking’ is hard to resist. :D

2) I hate clubs.
They are noisy and stuffy and smokey and packed with human beings. Urrgghh..

3) I wear long sighted glasses.


Since at the age of 4 or 5 years old, I started wearing it. Yes. Long sighted!! I’m old (or wise) since young. :P

4) I got 3 pillows and a bolster.
Being big unit physically like me, it is quite challenging to sleep with ‘them’ on a single bed!!

5) I got only 1 formal suit.
Unlike Renee, I do not have a dress (thank god!!) but I got one suit in my closet. Bought it for my graduation and wore it once during wedding dinner (not my wedding la). That’s it.

No tag victims yet for now. :)


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