Why I bought Canon EOS 40D?

Like any other photograph enthuastic (Note : I’m not an enthuastic, I’m just a regular person with no knowledge nor excessive love in photography), there’s a short story behind my ownership of Canon EOS 40D.

It all started with one word; bokeh. It was during mid September when I read about it over the internet and awed by the blurring effect. So, I whipped out my Sony DSC-W1 and try to figure out how to get that photo that I wanted. But, after much meddling around, I found out that it has limited functions. It is a good point-n-shoot (PnS) camera but not good enough to get something good.

So, I decided to get something better than that. Something which has more functions. Something that is capable of producing better photos. I set my sight on Canon PowerShot S5 IS. It is a prosumer camera which has more functions than a normal PnS camera but not more than a DSLR. But, having figured out that the price difference between a Canon PowerShot S5 IS and Canon EOS 400D ain’t much, a merely RM300 or so, my attention somehow diverted to this entry-level DSLR. With addition of some advices I got from friends and salesman (the evil ones!!), I decided to splash my hard earn (or savings) moolah on this big piece of CMOS sensor brick.

Box 3

At the same time, Canon EOS 40D was launched and available in Malaysia market. My thought about it was that if I decided to splash something which is going to be with me for a long time, I would have purchased something new in the market. Hence, I was torn between choosing a 1.5 year old Canon EOS 400D or a newly launched Canon EOS 40D.

As my friend always says, ‘No Brainer’, I went for the latter. It cost me RM4,599.00 since I bought it with standard Canon EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens. I did not go for the other kit lens because I knew that I am going to purchase something else like the Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS or maybe something better in near future.

The End.

p.s. : Okay okay.. I lied. The story is kinda long and boring and has wasted 10 mins of your precious time :P


  1. Canon EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens <=– I wouldn’t say this the STANDARD kit lens. :)

    AFAIK the one that’s the really standard kit lens is the one without ‘IS’ on it.

  2. LOL. :D I bought this also. While it greatly decreases my focusing distance (current is 45cm), I notice sharpness and focusing area not that good.

  3. I wanted to get that too last time but have the plan put on hold at the moment. Don’t see the need for me to use it at the moment.

    You should get the Extreme Edition. It works well when you are doing burst mode plus RAW format. But don’t get the Ducati or Extreme IV version as it makes no difference. Our camera only supports up to Extreme III only. I’m planning to get another one with bigger capacity.

  4. I hardly shoot raw format, but burst mode I do, sometimes. But the speed still acceptable. I have two Ultra. No point getting one more Extreme, unless I can sell off the Ultra. How much is the Extreme?

  5. I have this Extreme since day one and no other memory card. Kinda limited space for me if I shoot RAW (which I’m starting to do so).

    The last price I’ve checked was RM240 for 4GB Sandisk Extreme III. You could get cheaper for other brands like Kingston.

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