(Unofficial) Holiday…

I’ve got a day off from work on Monday because of last week’s event (hint : Smidex 2008), so said my boss. Whatever the reason is, I’m definitely welcome any holidays given to me. Hehe!!

Here’s the thing. I’ve got to find something to do whenever I’m free. Other than the fact that I love to sleep or just stare blankly at the computer screen, I like to get myself busy once in awhile. Given the fact that I got a day break yesterday, I’ve decided to catch a movie by myself. You got it right. I watched ‘Kung Fu Panda‘ by myself at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. What’s so wrong about watching movie alone??!! I don’t find it disturbing nor sad at all.


The show was great. Lots of funny scenes yet the expressions by the huge panda (and other characters) were almost flawless. Besides, like any other ‘animations’ movies, there is important moral value in it. And like Iron Man movie, you’ve got to stay back for awhile (okay.. 10 mins is not a short while). It seems that there’s a short clip after the credits. Is it worth to watch second time? Definitely!!


Since I’m at Pavilion, I’ve decided to get Carl’s Jr. as my lunch after the movie. You’ve got to eat Carl’s Jr. when you are Pavilion shopping mall. The ambiance is just right. There are plenty of seats and sofas at all times. The environment is quiet (unlike coffee shops like wet market). It is so not it to not to eat Carl’s Jr. when you are there. <- I’ve no idea what I’ve just blabbered about.


I got myself a Portobello Mushroom Burger combo. It tastes awesome. Better than the one offered by Burger King (they named it Double Mushroom Swiss burger). Beef patty topped with juicy mushrooms and a slice cheese, the burger was warm when it was served. You could request for double beef patties if you fancy more meat. Sadly, my mobilephone’s battery ran out. Hence, no cross-sectional shots of the burger :(


Besides the burger, Carl’s Jr. serves one of the best fries. They are thick yet crispy (unlike other fast foods’ french fries). They are almost similar to those offered by Chilis. If you are bored of normal french fries, you could replace with Chili Cheese Fries with extra charge.

Total damage for the day = RM12 (movie) + RM23.75 (Carl’s Jr) + RM6 (parking) + RM2 (SMART Tunnel) + fuel charges = Satisfying…


  1. I love watching movies alone too! Esp when I was in Melb and not everyone was into foreign films… :)

    And I shud try Carl’s Jr sometime, the burgers look fantabulous, YUM~~~

  2. Actually, it is quite fun watching movie alone. You get to do whatever and whenever you want to without obligations.

    Carl’s Jr is definite thing that you must try. You’ll never go back to McD’s after that. LOL.

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