15 July 2008 · 6 comments · Categories: Photography

Over the weekend, me and my mates went for a golf session at a driving range in Sri Petaling. It was my first time holding a golf club and it was also my first time whacking the golf ball using the club.

Golf Clubs


Being a newbie, I was fooling around more than concentrating on how to hit the ball. After all, my main purpose of joining them was to take some photos of them playing.

Golf Balls


Hands straight. Don’t hunch. Bent your knees. Look at the ball. These are few important steps while positioning yourself. I’ve got to say that it ain’t easy to hit the ball. Out of 20 tries, probably 2 tries were successful hits. When I say successful, it means getting the ball to fly (my layman term). The remaining tries would be either whacking the air or managed to get the ball to literally roll to the greens. Yes, it rolled instead of up in the air. And most of the time, I’ve to peep my mates on how they get their position right.

Golf balls

Tough game, I would say. Maybe this sport ain’t my cup of tea…

Note: This post will be the beginning of me posting human photos in my blog. :P


  1. nice pics..what camera u using..iso 1600 meaning dslr d?

  2. Thanks. But I feel that some of the pics are blur. I’m using Canon 40D :)

  3. I always wanted to try golf.. but no kaki… Hehehe..

  4. Just drag one of your friends out for a shot. It is fun…

  5. wah big brother..im using the baby 400d only..

  6. I was deciding which to get; 400D or 40D. But in the end…. :)