Kafei Dian


After my not-so-good lunch at The Coffee Connoisseur, I walked around near Raffles City Shopping Centre and had this photo taken. This is the memorial for those whose lives were perished during Japanese Occupation. It was very hot weather and I was wearing my working attire and hence, I simply whacked to get a so-so photo as long as It satisfies my requirements. It ain’t fun to walk around with working attire under the hot sun.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t drink any coffee at The Coffee Connoisseur because I’m saving my taste bud for a cheaper yet above average coffee and this is where I get my coffee dosage.


It is located a block away from The Coffee Connoisseur. The shop (or should I say coffeeshop) is simple and clean yet comfortable for a cuppa coffee. Not only they sell coffee, they serve food as well. But I didn’t manage to try their thick toast bread as my appetite was ‘damaged’ by my lunch.


It only costs SGD$0.90 for a cup of coffee which I think it is quite reasonable (please don’t go convert la!!).


It isn’t thick yet not dilute too. The ‘thickness’ is just right and best of all, it is not too sweet!! Besides, I like the way the present their coffee in white cup!!


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