The Coffee Connoisseur

The Coffee Connoisseur

The Coffee Connoisseur, which is widely available in Singapore, is a place for coffee lovers to cave in. It is a place whereby coffees, mainly top quality ones, are brewed in proper way, like Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Apart from top quality coffees, they have dining menu too, such as sandwiches, spaghetti, salads and cakes. Their dining menu can be found here. Curious enough, I was at their Beach Centre branch during lunch time to try them out. Bare in mind that it was my first time and hence, I had no idea what to go for.

Salt n Pepper

For starters, I ordered Bisque of Forest Mushroom. With ‘Bisque‘ mentioned in the name, I was expecting a thick, creamy mushroom soup.

Bisque of Forest Mushroom

From the photo, it looked creamy with mushrooms not in sight, right? But I was pretty disappointed by the outcome of it. Having the first scoop, it was indeed not thick nor creamy at all. However, it was not too watery too. It has a vague of mushroom which probably explains why it has no mushrooms in sight. Too little mushrooms and too much liquid. Besides, it was slightly sourish. Maybe, they added a lil vinegar for taste. It wasn’t good soup but it wasn’t a bad one either. The best mushroom soup I had so far is from Delicious restaurant (in Bangsar Village II).

Garlic Bread

For main course, the waitress recommended Beef Meatballs and Spaghetti Gratin. According to her, their customers love it. So, I decided to give it a try. It is mainly spaghetti and meatball cooked in cream sauce and then baked with cheese.

Beef Meatball and Spaghetti Gratin

This is where I love to say ‘Nice to see, but not nice to eat‘. The beef meatballs did not taste like meatballs at all. They added too much herbs into the meatball making it tastes like herb-balls rather than meatball, if that’s if they produce the meatballs on their own from scratch. Cream sauce did not taste like one either. The taste of onions and garlic totally overpowered the sauce. The only thing that is edible was the cheese. However, I didn’t bother to finish up the dish as the more I eat, the more I get high of herbs, onions and garlic. And no.. You do not want to see the aftermath leftovers.

Mango Tea Freeze

A silly person like me would order something else rather than coffee in a place that is famous for coffee. However, I got a reason to do so (will blog about it soon here). Thus, I ordered Mango Freeze Tea.

Mango Tea Freeze

Safe to say, this drink is the only thing that I like coming out from the kitchen bar. It is mango cordial blended with ice cubes and tea. Probably, they added something to make it creamier.


A not-so-good experience I would say, not because of bad treatment by waiter/waitress but it was due to the food they served. I might go there again for coffee only since I missed out this time.

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