From my previous post, I was ‘suffering’ from gastric for 4 blardy days (and still having it now). I could feel the pain as well as being hungry at all times. That’s when my food intake frequency increased tremendously. It is weird because those who have gastric wouldn’t eat that much. I guess my body was discharging more gastric acid than usual.

Crap… I’ve to spend more money on food now *munching Famous Amos cookies*

Note : If you listen to doctor’s advice on food intake, you are practically refraining yourself from eating Malaysian cuisine!! No oily food. No fried food. No chillies. No sour stuff. No spicy stuff. Bleehh.. I’m not going to limit myself on that.


  1. Schedule for a MRI test, maybe we will see some tumor inside. :P

  2. Uh huh… You’re scaring me :(

    You should cut down on ‘House’ intake. Hehe.