That’s right. I used to have it a couple of months back and I’m having it again now.

The pros of having this hairstyle:

  • You get to save shampoo and hair gel money
  • Cheap because you can DIY or go to barber
  • You will get unwanted attention (for the right or wrong reasons)
  • Bathing time reduce by 40%
  • Cooling factor
  • No one knows whether you just woke up from your sleep by looking at your hair
  • You probably win almost all the challenges if you dare someone to go botak with you

The con:

  • Yo:u have to maintain your hair every two weeks or so


  1. hahaha jason also got his head botak again XD

  2. Yeah. I saw it. LOL.

  3. No pic of yourself ?

  4. Not much a camwhore fan. Hehe.