Banana Leaf Rice

What a better way to enjoy a wholesome meal than to have banana leaf rice.


Raw Foods


I’ve to admit they are sinful meal. It is as sinful as eating BKT every single meal. Without fail, by the end of the meal, I’m so bloated till I couldn’t swallow any solid food for the next 2 hours.

Fried Chicken 65


Mutton Masala

Pictures above taken during my last visit to Restoran Kanna Curry House in Section 17, Petaling Jaya. Somehow, that’s one of my favourite places to go to for banana leaf rice.

Restoran Kanna Curry House

Oddly, each time I took out my camera to snap the pictures above, the waiters crowded around me to see what I’m doing. From their facial expression, they (the waiters) were excited to see my “actions”. At times, I feel that my DSLR attracts unwanted attentions from them and we tend to have better responsive treatment like given vast amount of papadams, constant top-up of vegetables and rice without me asking for it and etc. Or maybe it is just my thoughtless opinion…


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