Fukuya : Authentic Japanese Cuisine (Part 1)


It was another birthday occasion over the weekend. This time, it’s my mum’s birthday which falls in the month of August. Since I suck at giving gifts, the first thought that came to my mind was food. Food is probably the easiest ‘gift’ to present and it can be enjoyed by all quarters of life. Best of all, it gives me a reason to go for good quality food without thinking of budget.


I was contemplating whether to go for buffet at a hotel or somewhere else. But since my mum has this affection of Japanese food lately, it’s no-brainer that my destination was to a place that serves authentic Japanese cuisine; Fukuya. It is situated at Jalan Delima in Kuala Lumpur, somewhere behind of Indonesia Embassy. I read about this restaurant somewhere within blogsphere and so, I decided to give it a try.


What I like about this restaurant is that they offer different concept compare to the likes of Sushi King, Oh Sushi and etc. From the way they present their food, to the environment they offer, it is totally different from those typical chain restaurants you get in shopping complexes. There is absolutely no conveyor belt style.  On top of that, fresh ingredients are used for their Kaiseki menu (more info), so they claimed.

Main Entrance

From outside, it looked like somewhat bungalows you see in posh areas. With parking lots available for its customers, the main building(s) is separated as shown in the picture.

Simple Design

Within the compound, the way they design is just like a simply-yet-modern Japanese home.

Main Building

Private Rooms

There are a few ‘compartments’ (I can’t think of better word for this) for its guests to dine in. There are probably 2 private rooms (or more) on each side while the main building is located right at the centre of the vicinity. With much luck, we were given a private room, though I didn’t specifically asked for one when I called to make reservation. My parents were happy so am I since I can shamelessly snap pics of food without grabbing attention from other diners. Oh wait… I think I’ve already grabbed their attention when I was walking around with my camera snapping all the pictures in this post like some weird ‘jakun’.

Main Building

What’s disturbing is that I kept wondering (and probably still) how the heck are they gonna serve us if there is ongoing heavy rain because I don’t see any shelters from one ‘building’ to another. Oh well, it is for them to worry and for me to enjoy as long as my food arrives safely without additional ‘seasoning’. Hehe.


(to be continued)


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