Fukuya : Authentic Japanese Cuisine (Part 3)

While my parents have their own lunch set, me ordered a Seiro lunch set.

Seiro Lunch Set

Raw Fishes

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Steamed Scallops With Rice

Somehow, I feel that Mini Kaiseki has more stuff compare to mine!! Besides, Japanese-knows how many types of fishes they served during the course as I could only identify a few; typically Salmon, Tuna and Unagi. And yes, they were really fresh. According to somewhere (again), the best way to identify the fresh-ness of the fish is by the smell of it.


All in all, this would probably be one of the good Japanese restaurants you get; setting aside from those in hotels. Their operating hours are from 12.00pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm till 10.30pm for dinner. They are closed for business on Sundays (bummer!!).

Wet Towel

My mum was happy whilst my dad kept comparing with others (as usual). I’m alright with it but my wallet was …………… Oh well, eat first, worry later…

Note : This will be the start of sudden surge of birthday occasions in coming months. My wallet is abandoning me. Damn!!


  1. Wooo….I droolsss for the Japenese food. Super love to eat Tempura..hehe.
    Anyway, thankz for dropping by to my site ya. You got very nice image too!! :D

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