I hereby announce that I officially closed my Friendster account.


After using it for a decade (or more), I finally called it a day and decided to close my account. One (strong) reason behind this closure is that my friends received kinky messages from me which I did not send those in the first place (thanks to Cheryl for notifying me). Besides, Friendster is getting messier and I seldom check my account lately. So, there is no point for me maintaining the account and receive notification from them any further.

So, use Facebook-lah


  1. Eh? So you won’t send me friendster messages about how you miss me anymore? hHAhHAhahaha!

  2. Er… No comment. :P

  3. I am closing it soon, too. Its pretty crappy nowadays. Hi Chong, I am Benghan =)

  4. Hi Beng Han!!

    Yeah. They are trying to compete with Facebook. Unfortunately, they fail miserably…