Short Trip To Malacca

Lamp post

After my lunch, I (by myself) headed down south to the historical land of Malacca for a really really short visit. It only takes 1.5 hours drive from KL, that’s if you obey to highway’s speed limit and if there is no accident along the highway.

Red Buildings

Nobody knows about me going to Malacca. Neither did I tell my parents about it. I went M.I.A. just like that. “Are you nuts? Why by yourself?”, some asked. I smiled at them. I know I would be (nuts) if I stay in KL for a long time. Neither did I tell them my reasons for this trip. But heck, here’s the answer for those who eager to know. My main reason for this ‘impromptu’ trip was simple; to get time off from KL and to meet up a great chap in Malacca; Jason (


There was no plan at all. No schedules. No itineraries. I left those to the ‘reliable team’ to decide. We probably spent the entire time eating rather than sight seeing. Haha.

Mille Crepe

Otak Otak



There were more than those shown up there, such as Baba cendol, normal cendol, double cheese naan and ayam tandoori.



At night, we went back to Jonker Street for a stroll before my journey back to KL. I wished I could stay longer but somehow, as they say, things got to end sooner or later.

Wonderful Chaps

Jian Akiraceo and Jason

A gazillion thanks to the wonderful chaps above for their time and effort and patience. It was a simple, refreshing and fun trip. Furthermore, short trip like this brings back my sanity and allows me to be carefree for a day (or at least half a day).


  1. wahaha.. its ok..
    I’m always look bad on photos..
    unless i photoshop myself hahaha

    Oyah, thanks for the wonderful meal that day ^^

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