Star Wars : The Clone Wars

Just came back from the preview.

Star Wars : The Clone Wars

Things you might be (really) interested in:-

1) If you are going to buy the tickets, please do yourself a favour and go for The Dark Knight instead. Trust me, you’ll be very satisfy with this selection.

2) IF you have purchased the tickets, please exchange for The Dark Knight a.s.a.p!!

3) IF you have not purchase the tickets, wait for Wall-E instead!!

4) If Wall-E is not out yet, by all means, go for the cheapest rate tickets possible.

5) If you are forced to watch this show, please select midnight shows or whenever there is no kids around. They (kids) are pests in the cinema. I had bad bad experience while watching with them around. They have this short attention syndrome whereby they could only concentrate for not more than 5 mins (I’ve already give them face-lah!!). Heck, if possible, please ban all kids below puberty age from entering the cinema hall!!

6) Please do not hold/have/whatever-it-is any high expectations for this movie. I didn’t have any right after I watched the trailer.

7) There were a handful of ‘funny’ scenes in it that could (without guarantees) make you chuckle a little (Read: chuckle!! Not ROFLOMGBBQSAUCELOL kind). You need to listen carefully but I doubt so if there are kids.

8) Lame old plot with lame ass butt drawing. Even Finding Nemo beats the shit out of this movie.

9) Even the real Star Wars with real people (and with the ‘kayu’ Anakin) in it beats the shit out of this movie.

10) The good thing is that it ‘tortured’ me for 1.5 hours only.

Thank god I got these preview tickets for free. Else, I’ll be stabbing myself with straw in the cinema.


  1. “You are outnumbered.”
    “1… 2…”

    “Should I tell Count Dooku that you failed the mission?”


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