Catching me having breakfast at 7.15am on Sunday morning is like waiting for solar eclipse to happen. Like any other “pigs” out there, I would rather be in dreamland than munching something at that time. It’s rather impossible to drag myself up so early just to have breakfast. If I’m awake at that hour means that I have something to do or a plan to complete (a.k.a. breakfast with friends).

Restoran Weng Hing

And indeed, I had a plan last Sunday as I had to pick up my uncle from KLIA at 6am. It was rather insane to wake up by 5am on Sunday morning!! What’s more insane is that I only had 2 bloody hours of sleep. A quick “splash and dash” (a.k.a. fast bath) and off me went to KLIA.


Now, let’s fast forward to the point when my uncle was back home and it was 6.45am. The sky was still dark and I was at home, sitting, surfing the net and pondering at the same time. Should I continue my freakish nightmare/sleep or should I head to Jalan Imbi for a awesome bowl of Pork Ball Noodles? It was a really tough decision to make if you ask me. Sleep over food? Food over sleep? Rest over satisfaction or vice versa?

Pork Ball Noodles

“Screw sleep” so I said as food was the final decision. Afterall, I was a lil hungry too. So, I grabbed my camera and off me went to Jalan Imbi to fullfill my satisfaction.

Working man

Pork Meatballs

There were a handful of customers at that time as it was still early.  In the shop, I could smell the baking of the eggtarts (to be blogged soon). Lovely smell. I didn’t bother to grab a place to sit as when I arrived. There were plenty of empty sits at that time. C’mon, it was 7.20am on Sunday morning. What do you expect? I went straight to the stall and ordered my awesome-ness.

Minced Pork

Ice Tea

Unfortunately, they heard wrongly and gave me a small portion instead of big one. Sigh. To complement with it, I ordered “Teh Ping”. A couple of shots and off me begun my quest to my satisfaction. No description on how it tastes like because you really really have to try it.


Note : Having said about the insanity of waking up early on Sunday morning and all, I love driving in the morning especially at 5~6am because of the calmness on the road. The air is chilly, the streets are quiet. Streetlights are well lit and the roads are clear of traffics. It is nice to drive in such atmosphere in KL especially when you could speed at 160km/h cruise all the way to your point of destination.


  1. I woke up at 10.30am yesterday. Syiokness ~


  2. *runs to a corner and cry*

  3. where is this lah??

  4. It is around Jalan Imbi. The shop is located along Hyundai showroom, Sakura and Domino’s.