In the cab;

Me : “You know… I could have ‘shoot’ him during the meeting just now.”

Colleague 1 : “Why didn’t you do that?”

Colleague 2 : “Yeah.. Why? Somehow, I hate that guy.”

Me : “We need this deal. That’s why.”

Colleague 1 : “Yeah… True also. But at times, we need somebody to save us.”

Me : “Yeah. Just tell me when to launch an ‘assault’.”

Gosh, I was furious when dealing some suckers who think they are bigger than everybody. Their cocky-ness, their incapability to think before speaking and their ‘sarcastic’ statement were totally uncalled for. Oh wait.. I’m referring to one particular guy that I met just now.


  1. Yi? I know who I know who :D

  2. Time to go for a drink la friend.

  3. yi~ rupa rupa -nya u kena also ar..

  4. Louis : Haha. Alcohol not my cup of drink.

    Alan : I think we’re on wrong frequency la. Hehe.