Dim sum is one of those chinese meals I seldom consume. Though they are delicious with their wide variety of meat, seafoods and fish paste-filled little dishes, I still find it hard to consume them once a month. That’s because I don’t fancy waking up early in the morning especially Sundays. Even if I do wake up at ungodly hour (7am to be exact), there must be something going on which evidently I did do so since the photos below were taken a couple weeks back.

Chee Cheong Fan

Har Kow

Woo Kok

Dim Sum

It all happened when I managed to drag invite Robin (note : read more at his blog) out for dim sum session on Sunday morning. Yes, it was at ungodly hour. Haha.

Somehow, his photos looked more appetizing than mine though we were eating the same thing. Crap!!


  1. Huh? Who says you must wake up early for dim sum? I usually eat dim sum at 12noon~

  2. Cheryl : I’m trying to avoid the crowd. Besides, it is cooling in the morning. Hehe.

    Jason : Shaddup… Grrrr…

  3. LOL dun listen to Jason mumbling… he is only mumbling to himself ahahhaa…

    I thought ur har kow (second pic) is pretty appetizing… ok partly thats because I am craving for prawns right now LOL…

  4. Haha. But the pics were a lil underexposed :(

  5. Speaking of waking up early for dim sum, certain dim sum places in Chinatown perth (well, most of them) are not open till its 1030am, and some 11am !!

    Well, like I told you previously, the food culture there has been somehow deviated to suit the locals, ahahahaaa….

  6. Same goes to UK culture too. Restaurants only open at about 10am or so.

    But as for Malaysia, foods are served 24/7. :D

  7. Wah… Food again T__T I’m hungry !!

  8. 12 noon hot meh? I go to those with fan and air-cond what.. still as delicious, still as cheap :P

  9. ahlost : Go eat!! :P

    Cheryl : LOL. But they aren’t that cheap compare to kopitiam-style. :P