It is weird when two guys go into a jewellery shop to buy a gift. It is even weirder when both of them praising and chatting how beautiful the one they have chosen, which goes along like these…

“OMG.. That looks great”
“Yeah. I like that too”
“Hey, come over here…. This one is better”
“Gosh.. You are right. This is fantastic”
“It looks classy and elegant. What do you think?”
“Yeah. You’re right..”

Best of all, the sales assistants assume that the guys are buying for one another.

And I know how it feels like because I was in that situation with my friend, Julian, a couple days back at Tiffany & Co. in Pavilion. They were chuckling all the way. Gosh.. they thought we were ………. *speechless* Anyway, they didn’t stop until we told them the gift was for a friend of girl. 

Lesson of the day : The moment you step into those shops, first thing you must mention is “I’m looking for a gift for a girl”. Or even better, try to drag a friend of girl along with you.


  1. You will be sleeping alone in your own room in Taiwan. I don’t want my asshole to be ripped. :P

  2. Jason : Wtf?!! LOL.

  3. Hmm.. I guess the salesperson had no problem assuming you are into guys :P

  4. Cheryl : I’m so speechless now :(