Yesterday, in the clinic;

Doctor : “Your BP (blood pressure) is high.”

Me : “How high?”

Doctor : “At the limit for your age. Did you sleep yesterday night?”

Me : “Not really. Woke up 4 times. And woke up early this morning.”

Doctor : “Ok. Take these and take some rest. Need MC?”

Me : “Yeah.”


At home;

*Take 6 pills*

*Switch off mobile phone*

*Switch off computer*

*Crawl to the bed*



  1. If you have a high bp blood (like me), better becareful on your diet, and also have a good rest everyday.

  2. I’m not sure what triggers it. But I guess I’ll just rest more…

  3. I’m strong…


  4. 1. Rest
    3. > Happy Hour
    4. > Exercise (Bkt Gasing)

  5. The number of MCs you taken doesn’t say so.

  6. 2 days in a year so far. Considered ok already…

  7. Fine.. But it is less than 5 times. :D

  8. Wah !! Your medicine so colorful :D
    Why all in one packet geh?

  9. Medicine is getting more ‘cheerful’. They are saving cost and environment. Hehe.