I Love Suppers

When I was at a young age, being a kid with large appetite, I’ll definitely be searching for food 3 hours after my last meal (dinner). I had to ask my parents to send me out to buy supper. Not only asking for transportation, I had to literally asked for money as well. I used to remember that my favourite supper meals included nasi lemak, wantan mee and burgers. But staying with parents with strict food intake/diet, these so-called suppers were a no-no to them. And at times, they refused to let me get my ‘daily’ dosage of supper and began nagging about my food intake. So, I had to resort to instant mee such as Maggi Mee and Indo Mee. Dang…

Fast forward to a couple years later, when I finally got my driving licence and a job, everything above doesn’t exist anymore. No more asking for money. No more asking for transportation. This is when I get to eat (sinful) foods like this

Ramlee Burger


Nasi Kandar




Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

Curry Laksa

and drink this,

Root Beer Float

But, the guilt was there because at times, they nagged like usual. But things got better (or worse) as time passed by because they, my parents, resigned to the fact that their son, the only one with big appetite in the family, couldn’t be bothered to listen to them anymore. Not only that, he, that is me, tends to rebel more and more by buying more and more foods if nagging occurs. Yes, I’m such a rebellious son. Bwahahaha…


  1. Hahaha… I also kuat makan XD..
    And my parents allowed me to eat as much as I want.. with a condition that I eat something healthy instead of junkfood..

    XD but I loved junk foods!! Who doesn’t XD haha

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