UPDATE : As of 22 July 2011, they are officially closed for business.

Last last mid week, I met up with a friend of mine, Huey Yee, at Sooka Sentral (opposite of Plaza Sentral and KL Sentral) for lunch. Since she hasn’t heard of Zen restaurant before, I’ve got to take her there for a tryout. The restaurant, Zen, is by Secret Recipe with a touch of fine dining. The concept is different from what you get from Secret Recipe as the environment as well as the dining menu are different.

While waiting for our food to arrive….

Me Holding Nikon D50

Yeah, that’s my her gear.

Huey Yee

Huey Yee in action

Nikon D50

Nikon D50 with Sigma EX 30mm F1.4

Sigma EX

Sigma babeh…

Spicy Spaghetti Meatballs

Spicy Spaghetti Meatballs (Chicken)

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan Cheese for my spaghetti

Chicken Steak

Chicken Steak (Can’t get a good shot of it. Sorry!!)

Choco Berry

Choco Bloc (I think).

Warm Chocolate Cake

Warm chocolate gateau

Environment good. Food good. Dessert good. Drinks good. It was great to meet up with her as I have not seen her for ages months. Sadly, she doesn’t have a blog yet but you can checkout her flickr for collection of great photos. Oh yeah, she loves to travel too.

On the hand, her recent purchase, Sigma EX 30mm F1.4, is such a fantastic lens. Superb built with excellent bokeh capability. Yeah, she is a bokeh junkie. Hehe. Besides, 30mm is perfect for those who want to shoot portraits at a table length (approx. 1 foot away).


  1. Gosh I have heard so much about that Zen place, i gotta go try it out one of these days.
    Ohhh sigma 30mm…. so darn tempting. Garrhhh

  2. Yeah, you should try it out…

    LOL. Buy buy buy… :D

  3. Try this lens before!!! hehe. 30 mm is more flexi then 50mm..no need to walk so far. But i less using f 1.4 normaly f 2.0 above..

  4. Almost lunch. I’m hungry. But hungrier when I look at the pics @,@

  5. fattien : Yeap. That’s true. F1.4 is a lil soft.

    ahlost : LOL. :D

  6. Oooh, time for me to load the shots of yummy food too, taken with my Sigma 30mm :P

    Bokehhhhhhhhhh. Heehee.

    Thanks for the awesome meet up! :)

  7. LOL. Nice to meet up with you too!! :D

  8. That damn camera makes cheese looks nicer than how it looks like in real life :P

  9. ROFL. It is still the same cheese :D