Matin Super Giant Blower

Not long ago, I bought a Matin Super Giant Blower via an online store. Well, the function of it is pretty obvious; that is to blow off dust from camera’s sensor as well as dust inside the camera. It is effective I would say as it only needs a couple of blows to get the dust off my DSLR’s Pentaprism.

But now, instead of blowing off dust, it is ‘collecting dust’ in my bag because I rarely use it. Hehe.


  1. Oooo… how much does it cost? I have my dslr for a good few months now but I still haven’t gotten proper cleaning tools for it. :(

  2. I don’t have any cleaning tool since I brought my SLR. Its already 1 year++… LOL

  3. Renee : I think it costs less than RM25.

    Jayce : I’m forced to buy since I got dust inside the camera. Else, I couldn’t be bothered. Hehe.

  4. ahaha I can always help you clean the dust off your blower LOL

  5. Robin : Can can.. Hehe