The Day About My Birthday

As of today, I’m officially (and technically speaking) 25 years old…

Tiramisu Birthday Cake

Tiramisu as birthday cake

Birthday (like my previous ones) to me is like any other day but not this time. Thanks to my friends and colleagues, they reminded me of my birthday today. I was flabbergasted to receive so many well wishes from them (some as far as from Singapore & UK). This time is probably the highest ‘collection’ of all time. Hats off to them and I’m truly grateful of their efforts for reminding me that I’m a year older now. Also many thanks to those who wished me earlier than I expected to make me feel older.

Outside of Cova

View outside of Cova

There aren’t much celebrations, I would say. I went to work like I used to and went through the day like the usual me. Nothing unusual about me nor did I wear any bling-bling to work.


The wall

Truth to be told, I struggled to think of something that I can buy for myself as my own birthday present. You know, sometimes you need to reward yourself with something. Heck, it is even harder than buying a present for someone else. Due to the fact that whenever I buy a thing, I’ve to make sure that I make full use it. Besides, after splurging vast amount of money lately, that somehow adds +8888888 to my difficulty level.

Baskin Robbins

Rum and Raisins from Baskin Robbins

I’ve even came to a point of challenging Robin to ‘down’ 1 tub of Haagen Daz ice cream within 30 mins. But of course, loser has to pay all. But he was not up for it. Apart of that, I’ve thought of spending myself a (or many) good meal but Jason didn’t take my offer seriously. Oh well, I can’t blame him since he is having his exam soon. Real soon. Hence, I’ve resorted to get myself a scoop of Rum & Raisins from Baskin Robbins after work. Besides Thortons which I had during my stay in UK, I think they (Baskin Robbins) produce one of the best Rum & Raisins. So yeah, that’s my birthday gift to myself…. at the moment.



Thanks to a bunch old friends, they arranged a dinner at Cova because of Beer Buffet offer as they wanna drink like the Brits of the location.

Mushroom Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed Chicken

Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents. My mother only remembered yesterday night when I told her that I won’t be going back for dinner. She doesn’t cook anyway. Hehe. She promised me a present over the weekend but I shall remain skeptical about it, based on my previous experience. My dad gave me red packet (a.k.a. ang pow) while I was happily chomping down my nasi lemak with pork curry (bought from morning market). Not sure how much though cos I have this habit of not opening red packets till I really need money or when I decided to bank in. Same goes to Chinese New Year. Please don’t ask me why.



Many thanks again to my peeps (friends) for the wishes.


One of my many resolutions of the year is to quit smoking. Let’s see how well I fare in this ‘challenge’. Free Teh ‘O’Limau Ais for those who caught me smoking. Seriously.

The best birthday wish so far…

Birthday Wish

Speechless but LOL at the same time…


  1. hihi…..thanks for dropping by my site. so you want to quit as well huh. im a smoker myself, from social turn to heavy chain smoker, now back to social. ive tried those nicotine patches and stuff, doesnt work shit. made me smoke even more. its all in the head bro. i started buying on the 14 packs and gradually smoking less and less.

  2. Cheryl : LOL

    Jian : Thanks.. :D

    Calvin : I’m always social smoker. I’ll smoke depending on the crowd.

    Jerry Ong : Thanks… :D

    Robin : Thanks. LOL.

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