bookmark_borderIn Taiwan – Day 3


Since we decided to stay in Sun Moon Lake for a night (according to our draft plan, remember?), we left Taichung in the morning hoping to arrive Sun Moon Lake early so we could get the most out of it. Besides, the journey to Sun Moon Lake will take hours by bus, according to the guidebook.


Little did we know that we will take a cab instead of bus because of time factor. Since, the fee difference between bus and cab ain’t that much, we opted for cab since we could save time (but not money). There goes our backpacking principles. Haha.


When I first saw Sun Moon Lake, it did remind me of Lake District in United Kingdom. Beautiful sceneries, mountains, and boats. The only difference between them is the size of lake. Having said that, Sun Moon Lake remains a popular tourist spot for one who is in Taiwan for holiday.


It was easy to find accommodation as the cab driver helped us to locate a relatively cheap hotel. Mind you, the hotel we stayed in is not the one shown above.

Information Centre

We went to grab lunch once we checked into our hotel. But before our meal, we went to the information centre to checkout some information about Sun Moon Lake.

Beef Rice

Braised Eggs

After all those, we wandered around and began our photography session. Needless to say, the scenery in Sun Moon Lake was breathtaking. The only downside was the weather. The skies were dull and grey. Hence, there aren’t any clouds in my photos. 

Harbour Stone



We bought boat tickets to travel across to another side of the lake. The travel took us more than 1 hour as we stopped at various pit stop.

Mini Island


Herbal Eggs

These are herbal eggs. According to my friends, they were so good that they bought twice (in different day). I didn’t eat any as I don’t like hard egg yolk. 


After all those boat riding and walking and photography session and eating, it was beyond dusk already though it was only 5pm!! We ate our dinner somewhere near the lake and decided to call it a day.

bookmark_borderThings We Did During Training

A couple of weeks back, there was yet another training in the office. I was one of the attendees (which also explains my temporary disappearance from the net, btw).


At the beginning of the training on the first day, we were given a piece of A4 white paper and were told to fold an ‘origami stand’ so we could write our name. It was for the trainers to address us easier. And so, I made mine which looked like this…


Nothing fancy about it. Simple and yet ugly presentable. On the second day, when things started to get better (or fun), I modded my ‘name tag’…

My Name Is...

Yes, I added “My Name Is” by using Post-It paper. Thank god, the trainers saw the humour side of it. After seeing my ‘name tag’, my colleague went a step ahead and modified his to this…


Now, this is what I called NBTD…

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