In Taiwan – Day 1

After weeks of mounting demands/pressure from my friends (including colleagues) about my shocking trip to Taiwan, I finally gave in and decided to post process my heaps of photos and post them up. It’s going to be a brief one but I will try to fill them up with lots of photos. You might want to drop by at my flickr for more Taiwan photos.


During my sudden disappearance 4 weeks ago, I was actually on holiday. Some knew about my holiday in Taiwan. Some knew that I am going for a holiday but not sure where is my destination. Some didn’t know at all cause they don’t care about me. Anyway, my friend, Jason, asked me to join him for this trip. I gave a short thought (more like 2 weeks actually) and agreed with the plan of “backpacking” in Taiwan for 2 weeks. You might wonder why did I put the ” “ sign in between the backpacking but I shall explain it later in other posts.

Pink Scooter

There weren’t any plans at all. I was told that the draft plan (of what we are going to do in Taiwan and etc.) was crafted 10 mins before my arrival in KLIA. Shocking as it may sounds to be, I found it rather interesting and looked forward to it. My friends had a brief idea of where to go throughout the 16 days but do bear in mind that a draft plan can always be changed without any notice, which we really did change them. Hehe.

It took us approximately 5 hours to travel to Taiwan via EVA Air. The journey was smooth but the food was a lil below average. I reckoned that MAS serves the best food in the air. Seriously.


Once we landed, we went straight to the information counter to register and get this…

Youth Travel

Well, it is said to give discount for train tickets. I wasn’t prepared for this as I thought we will be given a card instead of this rubber thingy. It looks more like a keychain rather than a discount card.  I lost mine at the end of the trip. :P


The distance to Taoyuan city from the airport was rather far. It took us more than 30 minutes to travel to the city by bus. With our bags in the hotel, we went for food hunting and found and ate these…





Stuffed and tired, we went to buy mineral water before we headed back to our hotel and called it a day.


  1. interesting. ive planned to go there next year. my wife and her family went to taiwan last september and bought heaps of stuff. and i was left alone in a miserable state. great photos btw….any thought of upgrading to 50d? :)

  2. Cheryl : That was a decoy story. You know it :D

    Calvin : LOL. I don’t think it is a good idea to upgrade to 50D from 40D. :D

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