In Taiwan – Day 2 (Part 1)

On the previous night, we ‘planned’ our next visit before heading to our next pit stop. Equipped with a couple of books and maps, Hsinchu was the mid point between Taoyuan and Taichung. With the guidebook stating its historical temples and all, we decided to make a half day visit to Hsinchu.


We woke up fairly early in the morning and took the cab to the train station. But before we board the train, we stopped by at a small shop to grab our breakfast…

Egg Pancake


Here’s a warning to you all. You will probably see the same ol’ thing (breakfast) for the next 14 days because they have this ‘centralised’ menu throughout Taiwan. I kid you not.

7 11

It took us less than 2 hours to Hsinchu via train. Remember the rubber thingy that gives discount? Well, we boarded the train for free. Please don’t ask me why.


Once we were in Hsinchu, my mates whipped out their guidebooks again. They were searching high and low for this famous temple which is located in the city itself. Bear in mind that we were carrying our huge bags since we are not staying over in Hsinchu. Hence, mobility is an issue here.


We wandered around in the city, snapping photos while looking for the temple at the same time. What’s worst was that the weather ain’t doing any good to us. It was blazing hot as opposed to supposed end of Autumn season. However, having said that, the weather did give us good lightings for us to shoot.




I was pretty amazed with the said temple. Though searching for it might be a problem, with the detailed craftings on the walls, ceilings, and pillars, it was indeed a good place to have a look.

Ping Guo

After looking and snapping and walking, we went for a drink and lunch. It was easy to look for lunch this time as the temple is located in the middle of somewhat ‘food court’.


  1. woah.. if wasnt for calvin I also didn’t notice…
    I was looking at the buildings at all times..

    Btw, it seems like Taiwanese breakfast is so uninteresting.. @@

    But from what I see from TV, some of them ate “Mi Tai Muk” for breakfast.. its like “Lao shu fen”

  2. yeah, unlike miao, all i saw was clear blue skies. reminded me of where I used to be ahahhhaa……. damned….
    *poof* reality bites in…. murky cloudy white malaysia sky now LOL

  3. Calvin : Yeap. Just clear blue skies.

    Jian : LOL. The breakfast is almost the same throughout Taiwan. That, you have to ask Jason. :P

    Robin : You can get clear blue skies with clouds at times in Malaysia. I saw it last weekday. Hehe.

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