In Taiwan – Day 5 (Part 1)


It was 4am and we had to wake up to see the sunrise. It is not an everyday chance to see sunrise at 2nd highest mountain (Mount. Kinabalu is the highest, according to the tour guide). Being Malaysian as we are, we wore T-shirt (with wind breaker, of course) and short pants as opposed to others who wore like they were in Moscow.

Nokia N95

The temperature wasn’t that cold to begin with. We got used to it after an hour or so. But we did get lots of stares from others as though we were some alien from outer earth or something similar based on what we wore. Haha.

Train Station

We had to catch a train up to the mountain and the journey lasted about 30 mins. Up there, is a viewing deck for tourists. These were the photos I caught…

Viewing Deck


And again, the view was breathtaking. Just mountains and trees. No concrete forest. It was tricky to get a good shot of sunrise as we need to do various adjustments to our camera settings beforehand.



Besides, we only have 30 seconds, remember. As for me, being lazy me, I just shot whatever I could see and most of the shots were handheld.


Around the deck heading towards the train station, there were stalls selling foods. Appetizing indeed as the cold weather made us hungry.

French Toast


We bought 2 pieces of the french toast before we headed back to the train station to catch our ride. And yeah, the french toast was awesome. Or maybe we’re just cold and hungry…

to be continued


  1. calvin :Thanks. The bread is slightly bigger than our normal Gardenia bread.

    Jason : Worth it, rite? :D

    Louis : That would be years later. Hehe. Thanks.

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