In Taiwan – Day 5 (Part 2)

… continuation

Sun Flare

Right after the sunrise viewing, we headed back down via train again. We grabbed a bite (breakfast) again somewhere nearby before heading back to our hotel.

Starbucks Building

Alishan Monument

Before we headed to our next destination, we took a nap again since we woke up at 4am!! Our next destination was Kaohsiong. But in order to go there, we need to take a ride down to Chiayi then only proceed with train riding. Again, we took a van down which cost us around NT$200 each. The ride was rather (very very very very) slow as the driver was driving at 30km/h throughout the journey.


Chiayi Town

In Chiayi, we left our big heavy bags at a luggage counter (in train station) for a small sum of money as we wouldn’t want to repeat our ‘amazing’ feat like we did in Day 2. Somehow, I managed to produce a formula as below;

Heavy bags + hot weather + walking = Torture to our bodies!!

Noodle Soup

Fried Rice

Then, we proceeded with lunch hunting. As usual, we find whatever food that is available in the city and somehow we managed to find a shop that sells noodles and rice.

Fried Rice

Meat Dumplings

Right after the usual meal, we went to look for their famous chicken turkey rice as proposed in the guidebook. It took us approximately 30 mins to 45 mins walk from train station to the shop.


Sponge Cake

But along the way, we bought pancakes (or mini sponge cake) to munch. It was so good that we bought another 3 packets (4 pieces per packet). Hehe.

Chicken Rice

Pork Meat

The chicken rice which was mentioned earlier was a little different from the one offered in Malaysia. Shredded chicken on oily rice as opposed to pieces of chicken meat with oily rice in Malaysia. And yeah, the taste was as good as the guidebook stated.

Chiayi Train Station

It took us another 30 mins to 45 mins walk back to the train station to catch a train to Kaohsiong…

… to be continued


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