In Taiwan – Day 9


We woke up early in order to get out of boring Taitung city as soon as possible. Our next pit stop was Hualien. To get there, we took a train via Taitung train station.


Upon reaching there, a guy was waiting for us at train station. He was the one who operates the guesthouse and he was there to pick us up and drove us to the guesthouse. That itself save us a couple of NT$ for transportation.


From the picture itself, that alone explains our backpacking lifestyle. LOL. We left our bags (yet still awe at the room we paid for) and left in search for our lunch. The very same guy took to us the a famous shop which serves noodles and rice.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Pork Noodles

Pork Meat Rice


Somehow, their beef dishes are good as of compare to Malaysia’s version. Maybe, it is the way they cook the beef meat that makes the dishes so tasty.

Bicycle Stand


Right after our heavy meal, off we went to the seaside. There, we rented bicycles so we could cycle along the coast while enjoying the sights. IIRC, we cycled almost 26 KM to and fro on that day itself and it took us more than 4 hours just to do that task.

Red Bridge


We went back to our guesthouse to have some rest and shower before we headed back out for dinner. The same guy took us to a shop in the city which is famous for their beef noodles.

Beef Noodles

And indeed, the beef noodles were good. The soup was full of flavour yet the meat wasn’t chewy at all. It was the best beef noodle I had throughout the Taiwan trip.

Tau Fu Fa With Peanuts


As we all know, Taiwan is famous for their desserts and so, we walked a couple blocks away to get to a place where they sell desserts. We tried almost everything they have in their menu. We consumed at least 8 bowls of desserts per sitting.

Lala Jien

Beside the dessert stall, there was a stall that sells ‘Lala Jien’. It is different from what we have in Malaysia and it tastes rather weird as it is soggy yet sweet (because of the red sauce). Bleerghh…


Anyway, after the dessert feast, we walked around and bought more snacks and happily munching away while waiting for our transportation to pick us up. Besides, it was late at night and we were pretty tired and so, we decided to call it a day.

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