Oriental Cravings In 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

My visit to 1 Utama is so rare that I can hardly think of what to eat when I’m there. Food outlets like Carl’s Jr, Burger King, Delicious, TGiF and etc were a few of my choices. Apart from fast food/western food outlets, there aren’t much I could think of except for one; that is Oriental Cravings.

Oriental Cravings

Without fail, this shop will be my first choice/recommendation if I would to go for a Chinese meal. Not only they serve main dishes, they do serve ala carte meals too such as Curry Laksa, Fried Rice and etc. It would be prefect for a person or a group who do not want to go to a fancy restaurant for 10-course Chinese meal.


My last visit was a brief one. I was there to have my dinner while my friend was staring at me munching my food. Not that I didn’t offer my food, it’s just that she had her meal at home before we met up. So, I didn’t want to force anybody to eat and being a nice guy, I ordered a Chinese tea for her instead. :P

Honey Chicken Wings

Basically, whenever I am there, I know what to order because I know what is good (or used to be depending on when you read this post). As for starters, I ordered Honey Glazed Chicken Wings (I couldn’t remember the exact name. Sorry!!). I’m not sure why but I will always order that even though I know I will face some difficulties finishing that plate alone. Perhaps, it is the taste that makes me crave for more. But as far as I could remember, the chicken wings were good. It was sweet (due to the honey they used) and the skin was crunchy. Probably they deep fry before they cook them in a honey-based sauce. It’s hard to get my friend to eat chicken wings as she only eats nothing but chicken breast. So, after some coaxing, I managed to tempt my friend to eat one. She thinks that it is cumbersome to eat them. Sigh…

Claypot Lou Shu Fun

As for my main ala carte meal, I opted for Claypot Lou Shu Fun. If I could recall correctly, I ordered this noodles on every visit. Somehow, this dish was good for a restaurant-in-a-shopping-mall standard. The gravy wasn’t too sweet nor too starchy. Besides, what I liked about this was that there were minced pork as well as pork lards in it. Without pork lards, I feel that Claypot Lou Shu Fun isn’t complete at all.

Ice Calamansi

Instead of ordering Chinese Tea (overpriced) or Ice Cincau, I went for Ice Calamansi with Sour Plum (again… I couldn’t remember the exact name for this drink). Basically, it is ‘Kat Chai Shuen Mui’ in Cantonese. Nothing special about it as it taste exactly the same as what you will get from outside. I think I ordered Ice Kacang as well. But there’s nothing to shout about and hence, no picture of it. Hehe.

So, now you know where I will be if I’m eating Chinese food in 1 Utama. The ambience is alright and the vicinity of the shop is spacious. The shop is located at ground floor, new wing of 1 Utama (same row with HSBC Amanah). I will probably go back there again…on one fine day… someday… when I’m free.


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